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Our platform easily integrates into your system to give you the flexibility and scalability your customers need.

The PLUS Activate Platform


Basic tracking with standard functionality and a single-directional API
Import multiple maps
Manage system setup
Track and view locations in real time
Stream position data
Log position data for analysis
System integrator toolkit


Basic tracking with customizable zones and bidirectional API options
All Bronze Features, plus
Set up geo-fenced zones and activity reporting
Web management of tags, entities, and groups
WebSocket and MQTT API support
API support for system health monitoring


Basic tracking with a deeply customizable system that supports databasing and multiple reporting options
All Silver Features, plus
Database history of position events
User and auto-generated reports
Client-side, real-time map display


Premium tracking with external RTLS and sensor data integration and control of external devices.
All Gold Features, plus
Integration of other RTLS system data
Integration of external sensor data
Advanced zone-based activity rules
Application-driven custom integration
Event and activity-based communication and control of external devices

The power to track what you want, the way you want.

The PLUS Activate platform supports multiple linked Location Engines, meaning you can incorporate multiple levels of tracking with multiple tracking technologies in a single API data stream. Whether you need centimeter-level tracking, meter-level tracking, or a combination of both, PLUS can deliver a solution that meets your tracking needs.

PLUS RTLS Tracking Technologies


Ultra-Wideband (UWB)

UWB is a radio technology that uses precisely timed, short pulses of energy at a low power level to locate tagged entities. UWB tracking solutions deliver centimeter-level tracking accuracy using a system of Tags and Readers.




Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE)

Our BLE RTLS solutions are powered by BlueCats’ Bluetooth hardware. BlueCats, a leading provider of Bluetooth beacons and gateways, is not only our BLE hardware and integration partner but our sister company specializing in creating the best BLE hardware and smart location management platform. With multiple beacon options and the ability to add temperature and sensor monitoring, our BLE hardware meets the need for every application.

Ready to find out which solution works best for you?

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