Innova Primary Care




Primary Care Clinic


Wanted real time location of providers and critical medical professionals


PLUS ACTIVATE RTLS using BLE technology

Innova Primary Care, a primary healthcare facility in Huntsville, Alabama, recently relocated into a new clinic that is much larger than its previous location. With the additional square footage and patient rooms, Innova needed a way to know the location of its doctors and staff members, as well as healthcare equipment, throughout the day. Innova implemented the PLUS Activate RTLS using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to increase efficiency and take patient care to the next level.

PLUS Location Systems and Innova Primary Care teamed up to co-develop a system specific for Innova’s need that allows for real-time location of staff members through a BLE beacon attached to staff members ID badges. The map-view of this data is displayed through a dashboard on multiple monitors throughout the clinic for staff to quickly locate resources throughout the day.

  “PLUS Location Systems is excited to work with Innova Primary Care to provide RTLS technology that enables the clinic to be more efficient and become a more innovative healthcare provider that better serves their patients,” said Russell Haden, CEO of PLUS Location Systems.

Innova plans to continue to provide innovative healthcare solutions to its patients using PLUS Activate RTLS technology.