HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – PLUS Location Systems, a leading provider in ACTIVE RTLS (real-time location tracking solutions), is pleased to announce the launch of its ACTIVE RTLS solution at RFID Journal LIVE in Phoenix, Arizona, May 9-11, 2017. PLUS will have video demonstrations of its solution on display at Booth #844.

ACTIVE RTLS incorporates centimeter-level location tracking accuracy with location monitoring and data measuring to provide real-time insight into the behavior and interaction of personnel and assets.

The PLUS ACTIVE RTLS system consists of a network of PLUS Ultra-Wideband (UWB) in combination with our BlueCats Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tags and readers that communicate with our Software Suite to calculate location data, evaluate activity rules, and present data events.

“We are excited to share how the PLUS RTLS platform and capabilities are continuing to evolve. Our fundamental RF expertise enabled PLUS to bring the original UWB RTLS solution to market. This same expertise has enabled us to add BlueCats BLE RTLS and the integration of external BLE data streams to our solutions,” said Russell Haden, CEO of PLUS Location Systems. “This variety of technologies enables us to provide a scalable level of performance and metrics of interest at a price point that make sense to each customer and their application.”

About PLUS Location Systems:

At PLUS,we provide real-time location tracking solutions to solve real-world problems. Our ACTIVE RTLS systems measure and reveal how high-value resources, such as personnel, vehicles, and equipment, move and interact with each other throughout a client’s operation. Our solutions monitor location and activity data to deliver the valuable insight clients need to improve the productivity, safety, and security of operations. For more information about PLUS Locations systems, visit