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April 10-12, 2018 Ι Orlando, FL

 End-to-End Visibility

Real-time location and activity monitoring

The PLUS Location Engine provides enterprise-level solving and distribution of location events in real-time. PLUS accepts multiple location technology sources including UWB, BLE, GPS, RFID, sensor inputs as well as a diverse range of databasing alternatives. When solutions are “Powered by PLUS” they are accurate, scalable, and easily integrated.

BlueCats is now capable of delivering best practice location solutions by harnessing the power of PLUS.

Learn more about how BlueCats is Powered by PLUS.

Our Solutions at RFID Journal LIVE

BlueCats Loop

Add a smart dimension to your location and sensor data

Loop is a single platform created to make sense of your world. Loop is designed to run within your own cloud instance, or locally, via Loop Local. Loop enables you to manage all your Places, Things and People, create rules relating to their real time interactions and distribute pre-determined events. 

Learn more about BlueCats Loop Platform.


Powered by PLUS


A Location Engine for Driving Innovative Solutions

The PLUS Location Engine is the most advanced and diverse location and event solving engine in the market, capable of solving events via a mix of location technology inputs including UWB, BLE, GPS, RFID, and a range of sensors. PLUS delivers unparalleled location accuracy in real time, all accessible via the Loop Platform.

Learn more about being Powered by PLUS.


Our Applications at RFID Journal LIVE


Gain visibility of your inventory, work-in-process, equipment and staff in real-time, as well as integrate temperature and shock sensors.  Track your inventory every step of the way – from manufacturing, shipping, and final installation – with ease.


Quickly and efficiently locate guests in your venue. The BlueCats Loop – Guest Positioning Solution takes all of the guess work out of the location of guests within your venue and streamlines the efficiency of your staff.


Track the interaction of workers and assets in a variety of workplace environments. Receive notifications of potential issues, unauthorized personnel, workplace emergencies or evacuations.


View athlete performance like never before, through real-time location tracking and activity measurement. Optimize practices, maximize athlete and team performance and minimize physiological risk with our sports solutions.

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