Internet of Things

We live in an increasingly connected world.  Every powered device has the potential to be networked, creating the Internet of Things (IoT). This expanding network includes machines, cell phones, vehicles, appliances, and even wearable devices, meaning a person can now be one of these connected things.

IoT provides value by adding intelligence and the ability to communicate with devices not previously connected, such as appliances and systems within machines and vehicles.  These “smart” things now become an integral part of a connected, real-time control and status network. Entire cities are becoming smart too, with emergency, event, parking, restaurant and other service information being made available through the Internet of Things.

Introducing the Internet of ActivityTM

PLUS is going beyond the Internet of Things by integrating real time location system (RTLS) data into the IoT with our Activate RTLS platform, enabling the Internet of ActivityTM (IoA) TM. By integrating Activate with IoT, you can add an entirely new dimension to the IoT world by adding presence and location monitoring. Activate takes you beyond traditional IoT monitoring of the condition of your assets and people, now giving you visibility into the location, activity and interaction of your important “things”.

Learn more about how PLUS is transforming IoT into the Internet of ActivityTM.