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PLUS Location Systems is a team of Real-Time Location System (RTLS) experts who implement unique, proprietary, highly accurate real-time location solutions using Ultra-Wideband and Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, PLUS also has facilities in Sydney, Australia; London, England; and Austin, Texas.  Click here to learn more about who we are.

We enable real-time location tracking and activity monitoring.   Our unique solutions produce real-time location and activity data to improve productivity, safety, and security. Our RTLS systems measure and reveal how high-value resources, such as personnel, vehicles, and equipment, move and interact with each other throughout your operation. Click here to learn more about what we do.

The PLUS team started developing its RTLS expertise in 2006 with the design of the first generation of PLUS Ultra-Wideband (UWB) hardware and tracking software. Since then, PLUS has developed processes for deploying RTLS solutions using a number of different technologies and with a primary goal of producing the best tracking accuracy and highest reliability at the right price.

Productivity – Optimize personnel and operational productivity with resource and employee tracking, automated reporting, and customized, real-time insight to drive profits. Determine engineered labor standards, behavioral patterns, asset location and utilization, task-based performance, process and production metrics.Operational Management – Work in process and inventory activity, asset location and management, active personnel count and traffic patterns, team activity and assignment management, vehicle usage and traffic patterns, capacity utilization, automated time sheets, automated activity status reporting, legal and compliance management.Safety and Security – Reduce incidents with precision location tracking and active-avoidance warnings, gain visibility into activity-based leading indicators, reduce self-insurance premiums, increase the robustness of your facility security with real-time activity-based event notification and reporting.

Yes. PLUS performs its own system, electronic, hardware and software design, and has in-house quick-turn prototyping capabilities.

PLUS performs quick-turn prototype manufacturing in-house. PLUS partners with proven contract manufacturing service providers for production volume manufacturing of custom plastics and electronic products.

Yes. PLUS installs and supports systems around the world directly and via its re-seller/dealer partners.

PLUS is a full-service RTLS solution provider, managing the complete planning, installation, configuration, and verification process of deploying a system. This approach guarantees a level of performance and customer satisfaction that is not possible by sourcing hardware kits to third parties. We encourage organizations to consider the total cost of ownership of a RTLS solution when making a choice between the PLUS full service approach, compared to “do it yourself” kits.

Compliance certifications vary by product, but overall, PLUS products carry one or more of the following certifications:


Yes. PLUS can provide a demonstration of its solutions. Demonstration may involve traveling to a PLUS office or to an existing customer site.

The installation time depends on the complexity of the system, but installation duration typically ranges between two days and two weeks.

Yes. PLUS provides solutions and service through a network of re-sellers, dealers and partners and will provide OEM branded solutions. Contact PLUS here for additional information if you are interested in augmenting your company’s offering with PLUS technology.

PLUS will provide a detailed questionnaire to understand your application and requirements. Depending on the application PLUS may need to travel to your site to observe details and discuss specific needs.

Technology FAQs

Locate – We capture real-time location data that allows us to monitor the position of tagged assets. Our multiple technologies provide tracking accuracy ranging from proximity-level with BLE to centimeter-level with UWB.Measure – We monitor the activity, interaction, and utilization of tagged resources and convert that data into actionable intelligence directly associated with your organizational performance metrics.Manage – Our extensible APIs enable flexibility and maximize your ROI. Interact with your data on our custom dashboard, or integrate via custom APIs into other systems. It’s your data to use how you want.Click here to learn more about how our solutions work.

Precision Location Monitoring and Configurable Zones – We deliver real-time visibility with precision location monitoring and configurable zones. Configure zones of any shape and size to gain insight into the detailed behavior and interaction of people and assets within defined areas.Configurable Rules and Event-Based Activity Alerts – Customize zone-specific rules that drive real-time notifications or alerts for KPI-focused decisions and undesirable or hazardous activities.Client Configurable Dashboards and Data Integration – Gain Real-Time Operational Insight from activity data filtered and presented in the exact format you need through dashboards or API integration to take immediate action.Automated Reporting – Utilize configurable data sets and time spans; personnel, asset and facility utilization; vehicle, worker and visitor traffic patterns; safety rule violations (vehicle speed, near misses, unauthorized entry); order/kit asset location; automated time sheets; contractor management.

The number of objects that can be tracked simultaneously varies depending on the application. The speed of the objects being tracked, how frequently the location of each object needs to be determined and whether additional sensor data is being passed along with the location data (e.g. biometric or other sensor data) determines the maximum number. For slower moving assets, several thousand co-located tags can be tracked. For fast moving assets, several hundred co-located tags can be tracked. Across a larger area such as a corporate campus, a greater number of tags can be accommodated.

The distance objects can be tracked is a function of Reader antenna gain. Readers equipped with higher gain antennas can detect tags over several hundred meters of distance.

Yes. PLUS can track objects in 0D (proximity or presence/absence), 1D (position along a defined line), 2D (X/Y location in a defined space), and 3D (X/Y/Z location in a defined space). Tracking in 3D requires access to unobstructed mounting points for readers at the correct geometries. Once PLUS understands the application-specific requirements we may be able to propose a simpler path to the analysis and intelligence needed that can be achieved without the need for 3D tracking.

Yes. PLUS offers hardware packaging that provides the necessary ingress protection for outside use. PLUS exterior solutions include:

Sport fields and stadiumsAreas near warehouse, distribution and manufacturing facilitiesMilitary, security and emergency training sitesOff-shore drilling rigs

Yes. The configuration of the PLUS system varies depending on the application. In general, the PLUS system is designed to operate from minus 20 degrees C to plus 55 degrees C.The PLUS system also works in rain without any significant performance impact.

The PLUS system can track objects through gypsum board walls. Other solid wall structures (wood, brick, concrete, metal) represent a barrier to the RF signal. The design of the application-specific PLUS solution considers all RF barriers and ensures complete coverage to meet the required system functionality and performance.

The battery life of PLUS tags is a function of the required tag rate (how frequently position or sensor data is sent) and the storage capacity of the tag battery. Once the application-specific requirements are understood, PLUS will propose the optimum tag configuration to meet the need. Depending on the tag configuration, batteries typically last from several weeks to several years.

Yes, the PLUS tag data protocol can incorporate data from accelerometers and other sensors or data sources.

Yes. PLUS can integrate and synchronize data from other location and asset/inventory information systems (Barcode, RFID, GPS, LBS, etc.).

The PLUS UWB system currently utilizes wired infrastructure (Shielded Ethernet) to provide the highest reliability, precise synchronization timing required for superior accuracy of the PLUS UWB system. PLUS provides presence detection using proprietary low energy Bluetooth® (BLE) technology.

Subsets of the PLUS system can be hidden from view. At a minimum, reader (sensor) antennas must be able to establish line of sight communication with tags being tracked. In some cases, reader antennas are integrated with the reader in a single housing. In other cases, readers may be mounted out of view (e.g. above a ceiling grid), and the antenna cabled and mounted separately. For outdoor installations requiring no visible hardware aesthetic or architectural quality radomes can be utilized.

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