At PLUS, we develop real-time location tracking solutions to solve real-world problems. Our systems monitor and analyze how high-value resources, such as personnel, vehicles, and equipment, move and interact with each other throughout your facility. Our solutions analyze the location data to deliver the valuable insight you need to improve the productivity, safety, and security of your operations.



We place small, long-life RF tags on resources that enable real-time location information plus condition awareness of tagged assets throughout a defined space.


We capture highly-accurate, real-time location data that allows us to monitor the position of tagged resources with precision ranging from proximity-level to centimeter-level accuracy.


We analyze the activity, interaction, and utilization of tagged resources and convert that data into actionable intelligence through dashboards or API integration directly associated with organizational performance metrics.


The service that PLUS provides goes far beyond simply deploying a hardware/software kit. To maintain accuracy and reliability in the system, we have evolved a process to determine the benefits the system must provide to your operation. We perform a survey of the deployment site, simulate the system layout, develop a custom deployment plan, actively manage the installation, and perform qualification testing.

  • Ten years of experience developing and installing RTLS systems
  • Best in class accuracy
  • Real-time low latency data stream
  • Ability to track large numbers of tags simultaneously
  • Patented technology
  • Multiple technology platforms (UWB and BLE)
  • Customizable configuration, tracking and analysis software
  • Easy database access to any system event data
  • No interference from/to conventional RF systems (such as WiFi)
  • No health hazards with extremely low power RF transmissions
  • Ability to integrate data from additional sensor data sources
  • Rapid development and prototyping capability for custom application

The PLUS team started developing its RTLS expertise in 2006 with the design of the first generation of PLUS UWB hardware and tracking software. Since then, PLUS has developed processes for deploying RTLS solutions with a primary goal of producing the best tracking accuracy and highest reliability. The PLUS solution provides benefits to productivity, operational management and safety/security.


  • Optimize personnel and operational productivity with resource and employee tracking, automated reporting, and customized, real-time analytics to drive profits.
  • Determine engineered labor standards, behavioral patterns, asset location and utilization, task-based performance, process and production metrics.


  • Manage work in process and inventory activity
  • View asset location and management, monitor active personnel count and traffic patterns
  • Manage team activity and assignment management
  • View vehicle usage and traffic patterns, capacity utilization
  • Schedule automated time sheets
  • Utilize automated activity status reporting, and legal and compliance managements.


  • Reduce incidents with precision location tracking and active-avoidance warnings
  • Gain visibility into activity-based leading indicators
  • Reduce self-insurance premium
  • Increase the robustness of your facility security with real-time activity-based event notification and reporting.
How It Works

PLUS integrates solutions into a variety of corporate and organizational environments to provide visibility into the activity of personnel, vehicles, and assets. We provide key management and decision-making intelligence and notifications to your organization via custom dashboards, mobile applications, reports, and other means. Data can also be integrated with your existing software systems (ERP, IMW, etc.) through a real-time, low latency data stream. This process is achieved by deploying a combination of custom designed RTLS hardware, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, the PLUS software suite, and third party software.

PLUS Hardware

PLUS designs, develops, and manufactures all the elements of its Ultra-Wideband and Bluetooth® RTLS hardware. The PLUS RTLS hardware is augmented with a variety of COTS hardware to create a complete RTLS network that provides reliable tracking at each site.

  • Tags – A variety of battery powered, long-life tags are available to meet application-specific requirements.
  • Readers (Sensors and Antennas)
  • Synchronization & Distribution Panels (for power and data communications)
  • COTS Hardware – Such as, software appliances, network routing hardware, and backup power supplies

PLUS Software Suite

The PLUS Software Suite uses data from the PLUS hardware network to calculate precise location data, evaluate activity rules, and store or present data events. These data events are presented to the customer in a variety of data and visual formats via network and cloud interfaces.

  • Takes advantage of the proprietary PLUS UWB Time Delay of Arrival (TDOA) system data rate and accuracy
  • Provides flexible data filtering to adjust for highly obstructed or reflective environments Supports position-based and zone-based activity rules configured to translate location and activity data into decision-making intelligence
  • Provides industry standard interfaces to communicate with third-party and customer software systems
  • Provides flexible local and cloud access via custom configured dashboards