Gain Real-Time Performance Assessments with Active RTLS

PLUS captures the high-rate motion of athletes, referees and game objects and delivers real-time data streams, reports, visual graphics and information overlays to enhance the game experience and provide a detailed record of performance for statistical analysis.

For training scenarios, PLUS measures and analyzes the kinetic performance of athletes to enable real-time performance assessment and feedback to maximize athletic capability and sport-specific skills and minimize the likelihood of injury.

Game Play Analytics Dashboard

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Athlete/Team Training Support

  • Real-time athlete, support personnel and ball tracking, analytics and visualization for field and court based training activity
  • Maximum Speed
  • Impact Force
  • Coverage Separation Distance
  • Total Distance Run
  • Distance Run versus Distance Gained
  • Review of route execution

Game Day Athletic Event Enhancement

  • Precise, high rate tracking to record play formation and routes
  • Yards gained on play
  • Players participation – number of plays and duration
  • Detect start and stop of plays
  • Detect play formation
  • Players and number of players on an off field
  • Enables predictive analysis