Add Real-Time Visibility to Manufacturing Processes

PLUS solutions deliver real time visibility of the actions and interactions of people, resources and inventory to improve productivity and safety through real-time location monitoring and data analytics.

We provide “actionable intelligence” through configurable dashboards and customized, low latency data streams to deliver the information necessary to make operational decisions that improve productivity, security, and safety.

Gain Active Insight into Critical Operational Metrics


Optimize personnel and operational productivity with resource and employee tracking, automated reporting, and customized, real-time analytics to drive profits. Determine engineered labor standards, behavioral patterns, asset location and utilization, task-based performance, process and production metrics.

Operational Management

Manage work in process and inventory activity, view and manage asset location, monitor active personnel count and traffic patterns, manage team activity and assignments, view vehicle usage and traffic patterns, analyze capacity utilization, schedule automated time sheets, utilize automated activity status reporting, and manage legal and compliance requirements.

Safety + Security

Reduce incidents with precision location tracking and active-avoidance warnings, gain visibility into activity-based leading indicators, reduce self-insurance premiums, increase the robustness of your facility security with real-time activity-based event notification and reporting.

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Application Examples

  • Improve Productivity: Obtain visibility of people and vehicle movement through your operation to see behavior patterns to monitor work in process and gain insight into your operations.
  • Increase Safety in Confined Spaces: Monitor personnel and receive real-time, fully automated visual notifications of activity in dangerous or confined spaces, such as walk-in ovens, machine shops, robotic production areas or loading docks.
  • Develop Labor Standards: Know the location and activity of employees throughout your facility to know how long employees work in any given zone or phase of production.
  • Improve Operations: Gain real-time visibility into facility operations and receive a high-level view of critical metrics that help make operational decisions.
RTLS Solutions for Manufacturing and Processing