Redefine Restaurant & Bar Customer Experiences

PLUS solutions offer visibility into the detailed interaction of people in your hospitality and entertainment venues. Our PLUS Active RTLS solution identifies the precise “real-time” location of customers waiting on order delivery in large, complex venues with table positions that vary from day to day. Searching aimlessly for table tents and hearing the annoying “beeps” of pagers are things of the past. PLUS creates a seamless and enjoyable customer experience by allowing guests the flexibility to move about your venue with the confidence that their order will find them!

Using our patented Real Time Location Solution technology, 1000’s of tags can be tracked simultaneously and accurately throughout your venue, allowing the functionality to be expanded beyond guest location. RTLS tags can be attached to staff, high value assets, poker machine keys, contractors and security personnel; allowing immediate location and visualization.

Features + Benefits

  • Timely delivery service
  • Server performance analysis
  • Server training
  • Management business statistics
  • Multi-floor venues
  • No limit to facility size
  • Personalized service in the midst of a crowd
  • VIP customer services (special tags)
  • Venue and service specific GUI’s
  • Venue specific graphic tag branding
  • No furniture mounted hardware required
PLUS Opera Bar LiveView

 PLUS Live View restaurant and bar staff tablet interface.

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