Gain Real-Time Visibility in Your Training Environments

PLUS Location Systems allows military, security, police and emergency organizations to gain insight into the detailed behavior and interaction of their people and assets through high-accuracy, real-time location tracking. We track, time-stamp, and monitor the activity of individuals, teams, and key support assets, analyze performance compared to planned scenarios, and provide visual and quantitative results via real-time dashboards, mobile applications, and post-exercise summary reports. PLUS provides organizations with the actionable data they need to improve productivity, security, and safety. PLUS solutions accommodate the unique characteristics of training scenarios, facilities and environments, such as:

  • Personnel tracking (helmet or vest mounted tags)
  • Vehicle, weapons and equipment tracking
  • Real-time tactical display of activity
  • Real-time tracking (sub-second latency) – stationary to sprint
  • Individual and team tracking, interaction and performance
  • Interior tracking  – e.g. aircraft mockup or close quarter urban spaces
  • Configurable activity/zone triggered events (simulated gunfire, synchronized video capture)
  • Exterior tracking – large open areas
  • Ballistic environments
  • Degraded visual environments (DVE)
  • Other harsh environmental conditions
  • Not affected by other common RF signals
  • 0D (proximity), 1D (linear positioning), 2D (activity tracking), and 3D (spacial tracking)
  • Configurable network API