See Your Cold Chain Operation in a New Light

Understanding the unique challenges associated with cold chain warehousing and distribution is vital to preserve the safety and quality of perishable products and comply with government regulations. We understand.

At PLUS, our RTLS solutions seamlessly integrate real-time location technology into your frozen/refrigerated processing or distribution center – allowing you to see and track the location of your people, assets and vehicles – all in real-time. Our location tracking and data analytics offer in-depth visibility into the activity and interaction of your people and assets, providing real-time operational awareness for all levels of your management team.

Your people and assets are the lifeblood of your cold chain business. Subtract risk. Add PLUS.

Gain Real-Time Insight into Critical Operational Metrics

Utilize productivity reporting, such as vehicle utilization metrics and traffic pattern analysis, to improve operations

Locate people, assets and vehicles in real-time with map displays and customized dashboards

Receive automated notifications and alerts for configurable activities and rules

Get an in-depth view of your operations with automated reporting capabilities

Increase security with automated access or egress and zone arming and dearming

Reduce accidents with collision avoidance alerts and vehicle speed violation alerts

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